Orange Day

Orange Day 1

As part of raising awareness of International Orange Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls, Restful Waters partnered Marymount Convent School, Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten and Marymount Kindergarten to bring the message to young girls and children.

With the support of the Principals and Director of Kindergartens, teachers shared with students on what Orange Day stands for and the importance of speaking out against Violence Against Women and Girls.

We held the observance on 25th October to ensure that all children are involved in this project (November being the school holidays). Each child was given a postcard to bring home to their parents, an orange paper corsage and a cup of fresh orange snack as symbols of the movement.

In the evening, participants of the Learn English in an International Community cooked a local dish of their country.  Teacher volunteers and all involved in the programme were invited to partake in this meal.  The meal was significant as it represented the right to safe access to food especially for women in rural areas.  Women who had to go out in the early hours of the day in search of food.


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