2nd Learn English in an International Community

English 2 1

Following the success of the first Learn English in an International Community held in June/July 2015, a second run was conducted in November/December 2016.

The objectives were for participants to:

  • achieve a higher proficiency in the English language
  • grow in capacity for the life and sustainability of the Good Shepherd Mission
  • network and grow in confidence to participate in discussions and dialogues with a wider community
  • exposure and experience living in an international community
  • experience Good Shepherd Mission partnership

Apart from classroom lessons on English grammar and vocabulary, the participants had opportunities to:

  • attend a personal growth session based on the Satir Model
  • learn and practise the skills of making persuasive presentations
  • learn and practise the skills of writing an article or report
  • share the culture and ministries of their own Provinces
  • proclaim the Word of God through Lector training
  • prepare and lead at Mass in English
  • participate in the Peace Prayer Outreach walk
  • observe Orange Day and watch the screening of “Maisha: Life Outside the Mines”
  • participate in Christmas carolling
  • interact with Good Shepherd partners and experience partnership in Singapore
  • widen their world view
  • network beyond borders

English 2 6

At the end of the programme, each participant was able to make a presentation confidently and passionately about a project that they are involved in back home.  It was an opportunity for the audience to hear accounts of the hardship, strife and risks of the poor as well as the cultural and social behaviours in those countries.

English 2 7

“I can see a very big improvement in the sisters, not only in English but in confidence gained.” Sr Francine Muthugala, Province Leader, Sri Lanka-Pakistan

“Thank you for your caring and support, love for our sisters during their experience of international community…They expressed gratitude and a lot of thanks even for the support of projects such as English and Computer Class for the girls in our boarding in Kalimantan.  They have grown in their mission orientation.  I am proud about that.” Sr Chatarina Supatmiyati, Province Leader, Indonesia

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