Personal Reflections on Mission Trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Good Shepherd Mission Partners from Singapore with the community in Ho Chi Minh City

“What touched me most is the vibrancy of the sisters in doing what they do.  Though the sector may have limited resources, you are all very rich in your heart with compassion and zeal.  You are all very sincere and ready for action for Good Shepherd Mission. For example, when we said we wanted to bring peanut brittle back to Singapore, sisters readily agreed without hesitation. You want your stories to be heard, and we could feel the passion for the mission in each one. Despite your busyness you went all out to see to our comfort.  Nothing seems too difficult for you to carry out as I experience the exuberance of love and joy of the community.” Sr Lucy Chia

20180316_125001(0)Mr Roger Tan, Sr Lucy Chia, Sr Jacinta Duong, Ms Melina Ong, Ms Cecilia Lim, Ms Morene Sim

“I have always been concerned about the water our students and sisters drink every day.  It was our wish to have good water to drink whenever we felt thirsty.  Good water to drink is a necessary need for everyone. I am happy that Restful Waters team has come and from now on we have good quality water to refresh our  bodies after work and study.” Sr Jacinta Duong

“I feel happy and thank God for the team’s visit. I can’t imagine that Sr Lucy, who is nearly 70 years old, is so full of zeal.  I will always remember the image of her assisting us in the kitchen, making peanut brittle with joy and professionalism. She inspires me through her simple and gentle words. I can see the zeal in the hearts of everyone in the group. They encouraged me. I am touched by their generosity. I appreciate everything they did for us and I have very good experience from their visit.” Sr Josephine Tran


“During the three days we got to know the group personally. I am inspired by their
enthusiasm and words of motivation. “Never give up when you do for the poor”, that
sentence from Sr Lucy inspires me.” Sr Rose Virginie

“I feel truly blessed by my encounters with the Good Shepherd Sisters in Vietnam.  They toil in God’s “farm” joyfully, and love every single child that God sends to them.  They are
excellent “farmers” who patiently nurture and develop the children under their care. They are able to do so much with so little! I am amazed by their creativity, energy and hard work.  Each sister in an inspiration to me. They are multi-talented and use their talents to do God’s work cheerfully despite the challenging conditions and limited resources. Thank you, Good Shepherd Sisters of Vietnam!” Morene Sim

“You come to us as guests from God. With your presence, I see God’s help through you.
Your sincerity and zeal really touched me and made me more engaged in my mission. Thank God for your presence here with us, and I hope to co-operate in the Good Shepherd Mission.” Sr Francesca Do


“I really admire your spirit. Everyone has a good heart and kindness. You want to help us
in whatever you see. You inspire me to commit myself for Good Shepherd mission especially for the dignity of the poor. I hope to have a chance to learn from you about school management. So grateful to you all.” Sr Assumpta Tran

“I had the opportunity to partake in the RO project with the group, Sr Lucy, Melina, Morene, Cecilia and Roger. Through this project I benefited and learnt both the process of carrying out a project professionally and the spirit of readiness to share, support and respond to the urgent needs at Asia Pacific level. It has shown a radical way of networking. “Do well all that you do” (St Mary Euphrasia), I am hopeful for the future… our cooperation for Good Shepherd Mission.” Sr Agnes Nguyen

“My plan was to go and fulfil the water project at the school in Ho Chi Minh, but I received much much more. I see young sisters so dedicated and energised. The common good, the gathering of sisters exudes team-spirit and sisterly love among one another…” see how they love one another”. It was truly a God-filled experience, even when the water system did not arrive on time as scheduled, everyone showed patience and made us feel at ease.  I was also very touched by Sr Agnes’ perseverance, never giving up, going personally from office to office to ensure that the RO system arrived before we left.
I am grateful for the open and honest sharing we had with all the sisters and was very taken in and inspired by Sr Theresa’s leadership.” Melina Ong

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