God Visits Us

God made an appointment with Sr Lucy, Melina and 6 of us.

Date:  Sat 3 Nov – Thurs 8 Nov 2018

Time: 9 am – 2pm

Place:  Restful Waters @ Nallur Road

For 6 half-days, God taught us through the gentle and unassuming Sr Inigo Joachim from the St Anne’s Mission in Chennai, India.  Sr. Inigo did not just present a series of talks as if we were at a Seminar.  For this Retreat, Sr. Inigo took us on an amazing journey through the Scriptures.   She quoted scripture verses from memory, and we had to flip through the Old and New Testaments to read and reflect on what the Lord has chosen to reveal during this visit with us.

As I flipped through Books of the Bible I was not aware of, to Psalms I have not read and to passages in the Gospels and the Letters in the New Testament, which I thought I knew but did not actually know, I learnt about a God who does not just rescue people in their distress, but a God who redeems.   The Word of God revealed the clever deception of the Evil One.  The Word of God also revealed the power of Forgiveness.

We learned how to apply the Scriptures written so many years ago to our individual lives lived now and today.  Simply, substitute the names in the Bible passage with our names.  So instead of “Martha, Martha”, it is now “Ros, Ros”.

We also learned to pray – by just remaining Still.  Every day, we practiced meditation by just sitting still and focusing only on the Breath of God, as we inhaled and exhaled.  No need for prayers.  No need for words.  Just be still and wait patiently for the Lord.

Sr. Inigo shared stories of the prisoners in the Tihar Jail in Delhi, where she ministers.  It was truly inspirational to hear how prisoners in their darkest moments of their lives have discovered Hope by reading the Bible.  Do we read the Bible and is there hope in our lives? She also shared powerful stories of ordinary people and families who have been able to forgive for heinous crimes committed against their loved ones.  Can we also forgive?

We were given a final challenge to us as we left Restful Waters.  If we have “come to our senses”, what are we going to do with what God has taught and revealed to us?  Well, I am going to proclaim by sharing the Word boldly.  I am also going to transform my life.  They shall see the Light of God in me!

Now, Sr. Inigo told us that we are not supposed to go to another Retreat for 2 years, or, until we have reflected and transformed our lives.  But I definitely want to come to savour the Word, as revealed by Sr. Inigo, when God visits us again at Restful Waters.

 Ros Lazar


While Sr. Inigo served us a wonderful Scriptural banquet, Sr. Lucy generously fed us with delicious home-cooked lunches. Truly, she was able to strike the beautiful balance between ‘Martha’ (Doing) and ‘Mary’ (Be-ing). Thanks to Mel too, for taking care of the logistics and ensuring the comfort of us, the Retreatants.  I am taking leave again and I am coming back!

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